Honeywell Thermostat Should Fan Be On Auto Or On

Why Does My Furnace Fan Keep Running
Why Does My Furnace Fan Keep Running?. If your furnace fan won’t stop running, the problem is most likely your fan limit switch. But there are a few other things you can check first.
Ac Fan Set To Auto Or On
AC FAN Set To AUTO Or ON . Should the AC FAN be set to “AUTO” or “ON” when running the central air conditioner? I am trying to set the thermostat to save money. The fan blows air into all rooms when I have the FAN set to
Hold, Fan, Or Auto  Set Your Thermostat To Save Money
Hold, Fan, or Auto? Set Your Thermostat to Save Money . The Home Matters home solutions experts have researched and found the ways for you to save money when programming and setting your thermostat.
Thermostat Switches  Air Conditioning & Heating Blower Fan Auto On
Thermostat switches: Air Conditioning & Heating Blower Fan AUTO ON & COOL OFF HEAT Switches on Thermostats.

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