Cable To Connect Monitor To Pc

Hdmi Vs Displayport Vs Dvi  Which Port Do You Want On Your New
HDMI vs DisplayPort vs DVI: Which Port Do You Want On Your New Computer?. It doesn’t seem so long ago that we had only one reliable way to connect a computer to an external monitor. Now the good old VGA port, may it rest in peace, is only found on designated “business” machines and adapters. In its place, we have a variety of alternatives, all of which seem to be fighting each other for the limited space on your laptop or graphics card. Let’s break down the options for your next PC purchase.
3 Easy Ways To Use Your Tv As A Computer Monitor
3 Easy Ways to Use Your TV As a Computer Monitor . How to Use Your TV As a Computer Monitor. Want to make your computer experience a little...bigger? Perhaps you have to make a presentation and don't have a projector, so you're turning to your 50" HD TV. Or maybe you're converting your...

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