Wall Outlet Relay

Arduilay  12 Steps (with Pictures)
Arduilay: 12 Steps (with Pictures). Arduilay: Arduilay is an 8 channel AC relay box for use with Arduino, Max/MSP, Processing, etc.  I designed this system as an alternative to the USB>DMX 4 channel relay option.  While DMX gives you dimming control, the setup is easily 5 times as expensiv... www.instructables.com
Build Your Own Temperature Controller « A Bundle Of Myrrh
Build Your Own Temperature Controller « A Bundle of Myrrh. abundleofmyrrh.com
Discrete Relays For Gc
Discrete Relays for GC. RX6 Six Outlet Relay Discrete Relays for GC-Pro Series Six individual relay-controlled outlets, 120V/15A operated by 24Vdc. www.agrowtek.com
Products . Browse and order your replacement pump control parts and pump control accessories from Ohio Electric Control. www.oecinc.net
Arduino Relay Safety Box With Wall Socket (greek)
Arduino Relay safety box with wall socket (Greek) . \\ "Soon with English Subs" ////// Φτιάχνουμε μαζί μια βάση/κουτί ώστε να κάνουμε εύκολα αλλά και με ασφάλεια χρήση ενός ρελέ με το Arduino uno. http://ww... www.youtube.com

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