Two Way Connection

Two. Download scientific diagram | Two-Way connection between UT and GEO satellite with MF-TDMA technique  from publication: Continuous phase modulation for future satellite communication systems in Ka band | In this paper, a CPM (continuous phase modulation) based waveform is proposed. CPM is an efficient waveform for future satellite communication systems. It yields good power and spectral performance and provides a constant envelope signal. This class of modulation yields a... | Satellite Communication, Communication Systems and QoS | ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.
V2g Principle Scheme In Case Of Electrical Vehicle Two
V2G principle scheme In case of electrical vehicle two. Download scientific diagram | V2G principle scheme In case of electrical vehicle two-way connection between vehicle and power grid estimates, main driving resource is electricity. In hybrid mode gasoline fuel additionally needed, hybrid is able to get and give electricity to grid. In fuel cell mode electricity can be only given to the power grid. V2G concept is comparable with Smart Grid with new partner like a vehicle. The new partner is an energy producer and energy consumer depending on the grid mode [13]. Additionally the GPS module can be used in V2G concept to position the vehicle and to determine the closest place of serve. However, V2G concept has some drawbacks, most serious is fact, that vehicles are not stationary energy devices, they move around the world. In many countries in each region is his own grid operator, in this way it is hard to fix the contracts with every operator in every region. Dependence on grid operator can be serious problem in mobility era. As a solution it is possible to use an integrated system named V2G+ with a number of grid operators and a lot of vehicle owners  from publication: Perspective solutions of SmartGrid and Vehicle-to-grid connectivity problems | The paper presents the overview of electrical vehicle charging standards, SmartGrid and Vehicle-to-grid conceptions, shows the difficult points and the perspective visions of electrical vehicle infrastructure development. The aim of this paper is to describe problems of... | SmartGrids and Vehicles | ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.

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