Top Outlet Not Working

A) Absorber Bottom Rich Loading; (b) Absorber Top And Bottom
(A) Absorber bottom rich loading; (B) Absorber top and bottom outlet... . Download scientific diagram | (A) Absorber bottom rich loading; (B) Absorber top and bottom outlet temperatures. The variation in capture percentage is not reflected in the bottom rich loading though, shown in figure 3A. It can be concluded that the obtained results of the partners are very similar and are reproduceable, within 4-5% accuracy. The typical equilibrium condition for these temperatures is approximately 0.52 in loading. This means the rich loading is not far from equilibrium. The main variation is most likely caused by the variability in the bottom temperaures shown in figure 3B. It shows a low predicted bottom liquid temperature of EDF and DTU. Figure 3A shows a low range rich loading. One would actually expect the opposite, that the low temperature would cause a high loading. The explanation is probably the thermodynamic model behind the calculations. It may have a tendency to give reasonbly high CO 2 partial pressures at low temperature for these two partners.   from publication: Benchmarking and Comparing First and Second Generation Post Combustion CO2 Capture Technologies | The Octavius FP7 project focuses on demonstration of CO2 capture for zero emission power generation. As part of this work many partners are involved using different rate based simulation tools to develop tomorrow's new power plants. A benchmarking is performed, in order to... | CO2 Capture, Absorption and Mass Transfer | ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.
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