Ps2 Wire Color Code

Assignment 7  Electronics Prototyping – Mamma Mia! Look At My
Assignment 7: Electronics Prototyping – Mamma Mia! Look at My Arduino! . Now this was the week I was waiting for. I'm a DIY electronics hacker and love taking apart and gutting random electronics just for the fun of it. So when I found out that our assignment this week was to use an arduino to create whatever our imaginations desired, I felt totally in my element.…
Pic18  Connecting To A Ps 2 Keyboard
PIC18: Connecting to a PS/2 keyboard .
Interfacing A Ps2 (playstation 2) Controller
Interfacing a PS2 (PlayStation 2) Controller . How to interface a PS2 controller, including wiring diagram, communication protocol, sample code
How To Connect Wires Of Different Color From Ps 2 To Usb
How to connect wires of different color from ps/2 to usb?? . Hey guys, I'm having a very hard time trying to connect this cr*p, I want to use my old keyboard but this had a ps/2 port and my motherboard doesn't t have...
Ps2 Wire Controller And Arduino (control Leds)  3 Steps
PS2 Wire Controller and Arduino (control LEDs): 3 Steps. PS2 Wire Controller and Arduino (control LEDs): In this tutorial, I like to show my work on interfacing PS2 wire controller with Arduino through controlling LEDs on breadboards. ORIGINAL Work and source file :

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