Plx Wideband Wiring Diagram

Plx Wideband O2 Install Internet
Plx Wideband O2 Install Internet .
Indicative Gauges Are Exhausting
Indicative gauges are exhausting .
SM. Accurately measure your car's wideband air/fuel ratio. Daisy-chain up to 16 sensor modules to connect with PLX Multi Gauges.
How To Install A Plx M
How to install a PLX M. S2000 Under The Hood - How to install a PLX M-500 (wideband O2 setup). - Hi there. Recently I installed an M-500 wideband 02 Sensor / controller / display / datalogger into my 2002 S2K. This is really quite a nice unit. for less than $500 you get the WB 02 sensor, all harnesses, the controller with AFR readout and a...
Wiring The Plx Sm
Wiring the PLX SM. Installing a PLX SM-AFR wideband oxygen sensor onto a Syclone or Typhoon is pretty strait forward. If your using code59, you can even use the wideband to supply wideband data directly to your ecm. PLX SM-AFR Wiring Diagram. The following diagram describes how to connect the PLX SM-AFR widband and gauge to the ECM. . The analog wideband output connects to the F14 pin on the ECM In the photo, it's on the left connector, top row, 3rd from the right. It's normally empty. . Most widebands want you to connect the ground to the ECM as well. Connect the ground to the ECM B9 pin as shown here. In the photo, it's in the middle connector, top row, 4th from the right. The pin is normally empty. .

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