Install Duplex Receptacle

Wiring A Middle
Wiring a Middle. This series of DIY-electrical project how-to's gives step-by-step instructions. Soon you'll be on your way to wiring switches and receptacles.Learn to wire a middle-of-the-run receptacle when splicing three or more cables together. Our how-to walks you through this DIY project.
How To Install A Usb Wall Outlet {receptacle Outlet}
How to Install a USB Wall Outlet {Receptacle Outlet}. Step-by-step tutorial on how to install a USB wall outlet {receptacle outlet}.
How To Install Gfci Receptacle Outlets — The Family Handyman
How to Install GFCI Receptacle Outlets — The Family Handyman. Installing a GFCI receptacle outlet doesn't have to be confusing. Closeup photos show how to install a GFCI without getting “line” and “load&rdquo

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