How To Wire A Relay To A Starter Motor

Cleveland Won't Start When Hot
Cleveland won't start when hot. . Cleveland won't start when hot. - posted in 8 Cylinder Engines: My 351c seems to be getting a bit grumpy in the heat. It will start within half a crank first up but if I shut it down hot and try and restart before it fully cools it doesnt seem to want to crank. I get a lot of grinding but not a lot of cranking. The battery is not that old and the alternator put out lots of ergs (on the gauge) while running but it did seem to flatten the battery somewhat after a few false starts.  ...
Wiring Diagram For Starter Motor
Wiring Diagram For Starter Motor . Wiring diagram for starter motor
Relay Upgrade For A Starter Motor
Relay Upgrade for a Starter Motor . If your car has a good battery but still makes a clicking sound instead of starting then chances are you need to do this simple upgrade. The Problem Cars normally use a power feed though the ignition switch to activate the solenoid on the starter motor. Over time the contact wear out, cause a high resistance connection which then causes voltage drop to the solenoid. Once the power level available to the solenoid drops low enough the solenoid does not have enough power to properly engage. This is characterized by a clicking sound upon trying to start the vehicle. Terms The following terms are used: Main power feed - The large cable that comes directly off the battery and is bolted down to the outer edge of the back of the starter motor itself. Solenoid power lead- The cable that is part of the original body loom of the engine bay that is ran across the top of the firewall,…
Wolfsburg Wired March, 2001
Wolfsburg Wired March, 2001.

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