Hot Wire Calculator

Nichrome & Resistance Wires
Nichrome & Resistance Wires . To help you choose the right nichrome or resistance wire, we have included several informational charts. Take a look and compare temperatures, sizes, resistance
Hot Wire Foam Cutter Calculator
Hot Wire Foam Cutter CALCULATOR . Hot Wire Foam Cutter CALCULATOR: Here is a link to my new instructable Design Charts I made this hot wire calculator because I got tired of frying ac adapters (transformers) or burning out hot wire's all the time and no way was I going to buy an industrial hot wire cutter! Fr...
Electrical Wire  Sizing Electrical Wire Calculator
Electrical Wire: Sizing Electrical Wire Calculator.
Quick Easy And (almost) Free Hotwire Cutter For Foam!
Quick/easy and (almost) free hotwire cutter for foam! .
Tool . A product I use - Tool - Hotwire Cutter Outside Bench

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