Electrical Outlet Screw Colors

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Electrical – skywagonskoolie. ***MEGA DISCLAIMER: I am not an electrician.  Am I an electrician?  NO!  I am NOT an electrician.  If you are wiring a skoolie and you want professional quality electrical work hire an electrician.  Could you hire me to do this? NO! Why?  Because I am NOT a licensed electrician.  If you read another blog or… skywagonskoolie.wordpress.com
Color. Electrical wiring and terminal screws are color-coded on many light switches, outlets, and other devices, but colors don&
How To Install A Usb Wall Outlet {receptacle Outlet}
How to Install a USB Wall Outlet {Receptacle Outlet}. Step-by-step tutorial on how to install a USB wall outlet {receptacle outlet}. www.twotwentyone.net

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