Electric Garden Lights Low Voltage

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Wire
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Low Voltage Garden Lights – Our Guide
Low Voltage Garden Lights – Our Guide . Click here for more information on purchasing low voltage garden lights and lighting systems. Hints, tips and comparisons www.thejollygardener.co.uk
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Techmar Low Voltage Garden Lights
Techmar Low Voltage Garden Lights . Techmar garden lights is a simple 12v plug and play outdoor lighting system that is easy and safe to install by anyone. No electrical experience is needed. www.gardenlightshop.com
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Techmar 12v Low Voltage Plug & Play Garden Lights
Techmar 12V Low Voltage Plug & Play Garden Lights.Techmar are a Dutch company that specialise in 12V low voltage plug and play garden lights. The concept of plug & play simply means that there is no wiring. Everything simply plugs together to create a beautifully illuminated garden, terrace or outdoor space. The whole system simply plugs in to an ordinary outdoor 3 pin plug socket. Alternatively you can use an indoor socket if you wish.The Techmar lighting system is made up of low voltage LED garden lights (as you would expect), 12v cables, transformers and switches (used to automate when and how your lighting is switched on and off. All of which uses the same preformed connectors. Making the whole system simple and easy to install in minutes.Being low voltage the system is completely safe for you to install yourself, little ones and pets.The system is easy to extend allowing you to add more lighting over time. In fact many customers start of with one of our Techmar garden lighting kits. Just add more cable and lighting, remembering that your total light wattage must be lower then the wattage of your transformer.Techmar Garden Lights The Techmar range includes 12V LED spotlights, post lights, bollards, wall lights, uplights, submersible lights, deck lights and a few decorative RGB garden lights such as balls, stones and fairy lights. Everything you would need to create your garden lighting exactly how you want it.We strongly recommend that if you never try to mix the Techmar Garden Lights system with another system. This will shorten the life of your lights and void your three year warranty. All Techmar lights on the site are clearly marked on the site, if you are not sure, please contact us, we will be only too happy to help.Techmar cables The Techmar low voltage cables are broken down into three mains cables of 15m, 10m and 8m and five extension cables ranging from 1m to 10m. Techmar main cables have pre-formed plugs along their length while extension cables don’t. Everything you need to reach your garden lighting wherever it’s positioned. If you need help our team offer a free cable design service.You can read more about cables and connectors here.Techmar Transformers The Transformers in the range are available in 21W (indoor plug) 22W, 60W and 150W. All use a standard 3 pin plug. European transformers are available on request.To choose the correct 12V Techmar transformer, simple add the wattage of the garden lights you have chosen together. Then simply select a transformer of a higher wattage. It should be remembered that you may want add more lights later, so leaving some capacity on the transformer is always a good idea.Controlling Your Garden Lighting Once you have chosen your garden lights, worked out your cabling and selected the correct transformer. All that is left is to select how you wish your garden lighting to be operated.The options include a timer sensor which switches your lights on at dusk for a set amount of time. Remote control and receivers to turn your lights on remotely and motion sensors. You can of course use a mixture of the three for ultimate control. Alternatively you could of course just turn them on and off at the plug socket.Techmar Summary So there it is, a 12v low voltage garden lighting system you can easily and safely install yourself. Without any tools or electrical experience. Saving you money on having your garden lights installed by a professional electrician.Techmar generally add to their garden lighting range every year. So why not join our newsletter or follow us on your favourite social media to be kept informed on new lighting you could add to your garden design. www.4led.co.uk

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