Brook Crompton Parkinson Motors Wiring Diagrams

Brook Crompton Wiring Diagram
Brook Crompton Wiring Diagram . Brook crompton wiring diagram brook crompton parkinson motors wiring diagrams brook crompton motor wiring diagram brook crompton hr0910 wiring diagram brook crompton single phase wiring diagrams
How Do I Wire My Motor  Ml7 [archive]
How do I wire my motor? ML7 [Archive] . I'm trying to wire up a motor for my Myford ML7. The motor itself is a Crompton Parkinson 1/3hp with resilient mount. I realise it is a bit too small for the job but it's what I have available at the moment untill I can get another. The motor has four terminals and earth. The top three are labeled A, Z and AZ. The bottom terminal isn't labeled. There is an obvious earth on the casing below the terminals. The cover plate says to connect the mains terminals to A and AZ so I connected live
Lathe Motor Wiring Diagram
Lathe Motor Wiring Diagram . Lathe motor wiring diagram

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