Best Way To Splice Wires In A Car

How To Wire A Car Stereo ($7 Diy Professional Adapter Harness
How To Wire A Car Stereo ($7 DIY Professional Adapter Harness) . How to wire an aftermarket stereo into your car by making a cheap, but professional quality adapter harness using harness pigtails which can be bought for $3...
How To Install A Basic Aftermarket Car Stereo (with Pictures)
How to Install a Basic Aftermarket Car Stereo (with Pictures). How to Install a Basic Aftermarket Car Stereo. For some people any stereo in a car is sufficient. For others, only the best will suffice. If you are the latter, you may need to consider an aftermarket stereo that outperforms the stereo...
Three Ways To Connect Your Receiver's Wiring Harness
Three Ways to Connect Your Receiver's Wiring Harness. Making strong, durable wiring connections is important when installing a new stereo. Learn how to make crimp, solder, and Posi-Product connections in this article.
Quick Tech – How To Splice WiresBest Way To Tap Into Ecu Wires
Best Way To Tap Into Ecu Wires . So ive got my wideband controller working on the bench, time to hook it up to the car and get some data logging done. The wideband controller has various inputs for speed, rpm etc... all from the ecu. What I would like to know is, what is the best way to tap into the ecu to get the signal? Im fea...
Quick Tech – How To Splice WiresHow To Splice Automotive Wires
How to Splice Automotive Wires . Use a professional crimper and electrical moisture sealant to learn how to splice wires and make quick, solid connections in auto wiring.

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