3 Way Switch Explained

How Do I Wire A 3 Way Switch On A New Construction
How Do I Wire A 3 Way Switch On A New Construction? . Answer (1 of 11): It is always advisable to get an electrician out to do any electrical jobs in the home which you are uncertain about. Fiddling about with electrics when you don’t know what you are doing can not only be dangerous but could result in other problems such as fusing the electrics, cutting wires etc. If you do decide to do any wiring yourself, it is always suggested that you have a qualified and registered electrician to check the wiring you have done. You can find details of local electricians in the Yellow Pages or in the local newspaper. Wiring a three way switch is possible to do yourself but obviously it’s more difficult than a two way switch. Basically, this three way circuit will allow an electrical item to be operated from more than one location. To do this yourself, it is best explained using diagrams which you can compare to the switches and wires which you will be dealing with in the home. There are a number of websites which show clear and easy diagrams of this procedure. It is best to have a look at a few before you start to ensure you have a diagram which you feel comfortable with and feel you can see how each step contributes to the overall task. Here are some of the many websites which offer detailed diagrams of wiring a three way switch; www.how-to-wire-it.com/wiring-a-3-way-switch.html, www.howtowireahouse.com/How_To_Wire_A_3-way_Light_Switch_Or_ You can also find video clips of real life situations on YouTube. home-garden.blurtit.com

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