3 Volt Coil Relay

3) Dpdt Relay
(3) DPDT RELAY . HKE DPDT Relay, Sensitive 120 Ω 5 Volt Coil, 1A 24 VDC / 120VAC. (3) Sensitive DPDT 5 Volt Relays. Check the datasheet. These are their most sensitive 5 Volt coils. Sensitive Coil 5 VDC @ 42 mA (120 Ω). | eBay! www.ebay.com
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Amazon.com: K. www.amazon.com
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3 Volt Relays
3 VOLT RELAYS . Pickering Electronics - Design, manufacture and distribute high quality Reed Relays for Instrumentation, ATE and Semiconductor Test. www.pickeringrelay.com

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