3 Pin Toggle Switch Wiring

Desktop Aviator's Model 2570
Desktop Aviator's Model 2570 . The Model 2570 Circuit Board was designed for Toggle Switches with Built-in LED indicator Lights. The 2570 supports up to 31 toggle and or rocker switches. The 2570 also delivers thirty-one 1/4 second Pulses. The 2570 can be used with Microsoft's FS2002, FS2005, FSX, X-Plane and FSUIPC. These outputs can then be easily programmed to any desired flight function. Now connect 30, 60, 90 or EVEN 120 Switches to your Flightdeck; Easily and Inexpensivally with the 2570. www.desktopaviator.com
5 Pin Toggle Switch Wiring Diagram
5 Pin Toggle Switch Wiring Diagram . 2 way switch wiring pressure switch wiring wall switch wiring 4-way switch wiring illuminated toggle switch wiring dimmer switch wiring 5 pin window switch wiring 5 pin relay wiring 85.jessicadonath.de

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