How To Wire On Off Switch

2 Prong Toggle Switch DiagramV913 On Off Switch Wire Wl Wltoys V913 Helicopter Spare Parts [wl
V913 on/off switch wire WL Wltoys V913 helicopter spare parts [WL.
Fused Jumper Wire With On Off Switch
Fused Jumper Wire with On/Off switch.... Hopefully this will help those newer do-it-yourselfers: While doing some recent fuel pump work I was reading in the Bentley about the testing procedures and ran across the mention, and the need, to have a Fused Jumper Wire with an On/Off switch. So I hit five local auto parts stores, RadioShack, Sears, and a local electrical contractor supply store looking for one. I got a blank stare each time I asked. So I figured it can't be that difficult, so I went about making my own and

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